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- You may miss me
- You may ignore me
- You may even forget me
But one day, if u want to remember me
Don't search, just see your shadow
And I will be there..............Trust Me!!

I am what I am....




Hi there, Welcome to my Creative World

My name is Asiti Kumar Nandy, an independent Digital Artiste.

I am from Kolkata, India,

I was born in Kolkata, India, in 1973. I have pursued a career in 3DArtist and digital art, producing lots of emotive and special effect paintings on computer screen.

I’m a self taught artist (I don’t consider myself as an artist at all). Graphic design is one of my many passions. I realized that, if I want to make something good, I have to do it myself. As I don’t have that much experience but I learned from other tutorials and I am practicing, and I try to rediscover myself every day.

I start my career as a Vector Artist in Core Draw and Free Hand in 1995, and then basically in Photoshop, in the year 1997, I started working with Advertising Agency as a Graphics Designing Artist when I found out the amazing thing I can do with it (Photoshop), and I rediscover my Photoshop artist talent in the year 2010. 


In the mean time year 2008, I started my life as a 3D Artist in Autodesk Maya.

I am 3DAanimator, with more than 3 years relevant (3D Animation) experience at my independent field of Animation (13 years Total Graphics Design experience). My main area of interest is 3dMaya.

I have worked in Maya Character Modeling (Specialization), Character Animation, Maya nDynamics, nCloth, Hair, Fur, 3d Studio Max, Combustion, short film making, etc.

I am currently engaged in self-funded Projects, and working as a freelance 3d Artiste on works needing visual development and production. I constantly work at improving my skills.


My art and I am very moody – each scene portrayed in my paintings expresses the artist’s mood as well as evoking an emotional reaction from the viewer. – A use of my talent that I am Asiti thoroughly enjoys, saying it “has been my passion since I can remember.”

As a 3D Artist I describe my work with the words, “My images try to convey an emotional impact on the viewers as they are related to everyday life issues, carrying domestic experiences to surreal, mostly dark worlds, sometimes with a grotesque approach and trying to portray ironic messages in between the lines.” 

Many of my art works are Symbolic, Fantasy and Special Effect. Many surrealist paintings don’t have a deeper meaning, but each of my paintings implore the viewer to look beneath the surface of the painting and find symbolic meaning within the art work.


Photoshop Designing, 3D Maya Animation and all that kind of things require an amazing amount of TIME, and TIME- which is very precious and sometimes I don’t have.

Most of my designs are of my own creativity, this is not a job: It’s a way of life.





(If you want to know more about me - Part of work as 3d Maya artist can be seen on VIDEO tab or YOU TUBE. I displays my paintings online through Facebook, Google+, and on my portfolio website. )



Name:                                      Asiti Kumar Nandy, 

Address:                                  Vivekananda Road, Kolkata,

City:                                         Kolkata

State:                                       West Bengal

Zip:                                         700123

Country:                                   India

Phone:                                     xxxxxxxxxxxx

Primary E-Mail:          



Twitter            :          

Facebook Page:             







Skype:                                    asiti.nandy

Google Talk:                           asitinandy








Date of birth:                          July 1973

Place of birth:                         Kolkata

Citizenship/nationality:            Indian

Sex:                                       Male

Race:                                     Hindu

Marital status:                         Single

Hobbies or Activities:              Hovering all ways in the world of Cyber

Drivers License details:    WB012009732281     (LMV)

Passport /Visa Status:       F5914157

Specializing in:             

3D Maya Modeling, 3D Maya Lighting, Mental Ray, 3D Maya nCloth, 3D Maya nDynamic, Hair, Fur, Pixology Zee Brush,

Photoshop Special Effect, Black and White to Color, Photo retouch.  



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